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Teacher and teaching assistant training

Welcome to Neuroteachers, created by Catrina Lowri, a neurodivergent teacher with over  2 decades’ experience of helping autistic and other neurodivergent learners through teaching, training, coaching, and mentoring in Cardiff, the UK and beyond

Catrina Lowri, Neuroteaching founder

Welcome to Neuroteachers

We offer a simple solution for inclusive practice. Founder Catrina Lowri has supported many autistic and neurodivergent learners throughout her 2 decades long career as an SEN teacher, SENCO, and advisory teacher.


Neuroteachers offers training and events, coaching, and mentoring to educators in schools, early years settings parents and businesses. Catrina knows the importance of recognising that educators often have a particular “child or young person in mind” when they look for training or support.


Through years of experience of working intensively with autism educators, and businesses Catrina can offer you the benefit of her knowledge to help you to support your child or young person in mind.


We specialise in finding alternatives to exclusion in all forms. This includes reducing school suspensions and persistent absence in educational settings, and improving longer term educational and employment prospects for neurodivergent young people and adults.  We do this by using a combination of tried and tested interventions and relational practice .

Educator training

Training courses are designed to help a school or setting upskill its staff and a range of issues, which may affect the learning and well-being of autistic learners within your setting. Popular training courses have included creating a sensory diet for autistic learners, supporting autistic learners displaying demand avoidant behaviour, neurodiversity, and what this means for them, using visuals within a mainstream, early years setting.


Training is available either online or in person. To see a full list of training offers please click the link below.

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Opening hours

Mon 11-6

Tues  to Sat 9-6

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"Catrina's support for our children, their parents and our entire school staff was invaluable. She helped us understand how each child felt, what they needed, how to monitor their progress and, most of all, ensure they were happy in school. From practical advice to paperwork, she was there every step of the way" Lisa - SENCO, Gloucestershire
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