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At Neuroteachers we promise to help you find simple solutions for inclusive practice. When you come to Neuroteachers training, we like to have a learner or cohort in mind. We ask you consider you hopes and aspirations for that learner in the future. We aim to give you practical, simple solutions that you can start using in your classroom or setting the next day. To find out more, see our list of training below. All courses are tailored to your setting and can be delivered online, in person or hybird.


We frequently update our course list so please contact us if you don't see the exact course, you would like and we will be able to discuss any requirements you have.

Course List 2022/23

There are no plans available.



  • What is neurodiversity?

  • Neurodiversity and differentiation

  • Neurodiversity and the sensory system

  • Neurodiversity and communication

Communication Courses


  • Total Communication Training - All Ages   

  • Social Story™ and Comic Strip conversations -All ages

  • Using visuals in a mainstream classroom - All ages

Social Interaction Courses


  • Autism and Social Interaction   

  • Meaningful Social interaction without masking

  • Supporting friendships between Neurodivergent and Neurotypical peers



  • Understanding of Sensory Processing    

  • Creating a sensory diet



  • Autistic masking, fatigue, and burnout

  • Autism and anxious non attenders

  • Demand avoidant behaviour (PDA)

  • Autism and situational Mutism

Executive functioning


  • Using special interests to help executive functioning 

  • Autism and structured teaching / workstations



  • Autism and behaviour- challenging, disruptive, or distressed?

  • Autism and exclusion prevention

  • Creating a consistent behaviour support plan

  • Creating a system for staff debrief



  • Bespoke Training Course - Available on Request 

Course length – all courses can be run as a 1-hour taster session up to and including a whole day session with in depth feedback on the latest thinking and research and practical ideas to support inclusion in your setting.

Costs- we offer a sliding scale of £90 per hour for a small setting or group of up to 10 people up to £150 per hour for a large school or across multiple settings. If you are a registered charity or voluntary organisation, please email for details of our range of discounts.

EY’s GAP & LGAP have been delivered over 2 x 3hr (half-day sessions).Schools GAP offered FREE 5th session to capture further reflective Q+A, action planning, measuring initial impact/outcome, identify emerging themes/topics for setting, etc.


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