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About relational practice and culture change

Relational practice


Catrina has training in this particular type of behaviour management system. 


Catrina is a trained specialist leader for Positive Regard relational practice training. The system of behaviour management was developed by the team at Wellspring Academy Trust, an organisation that uses a mix of trauma-informed approaches and person-centred, relational practice to reduce the need for exclusion. Neuroteachers are delighted to offer training to schools and settings that would like to use relational practice to reduce behaviours of concern amongst nearer diverse and other learners in the setting.


Culture change

Settings also often wish to look at their vision and ethos in the hope that they can create a more autism-friendly or broadly inclusive environment. This can happen when a new leader joins the organisation or if the settings Ofsted, Istyn, Education Scotland, or Education and Training inspectorate rating is downgraded due to their need to update inclusive practice. Likewise, a setting may have a very different demographic than it once had and wish to update its outlook to be more inclusive. Neuroteachers has solutions to these problems.

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